One Proven Way that May Help Keep Alzheimer’s From Worsening

Do you love spending time with your grandchildren? 

It turns out that this leisurely activity does more than keeping the bond between you and the kids alive, it also lowers the risk of you developing cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

It has been proven before that social engagement helps maintain good cognition. In connection to these initial findings, a study was conducted to look into the effects of grandparenting. The study published at Menopause concludes that grandparents who spend one day a week helping care for their grandchildren show highest cognitive performance than those who don’t.

Seeing your grandchild weekly has benefits for your mental health however, the same study also notes the negative effects when a grandparent takes part in childcare for 5 days or more per week. Grandparents who had frequent involvement in childcare show weaker cognitive skills. This is largely due to the strain of needing to look after the kids regularly. It’s ideal to keep it to once per week to get the optimal mental health boost.

You’re not only enjoying and having fun with kids; you’re also keeping your cognitive skills sharp! Go ahead and schedule that playtime with your grandchild and tell other grandparents about this discovery.